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“Buck Naked exceeds our expectations in quality & customer service.”

Patricia Jimenez

Whole Peeled

Save time and money by offering our farm fresh whole peeled onions to your customers. We offer peeled Yellow, Red, White, Sweet & Spicy Onions!


We didn't start out farming onions with peeling in mind but...

When we saw how much food waste there was, we decided to act. We now take our imperfect -on the outside- onions and turn them into perfectly usable whole peeled onions. Saving our customers time and money on labor while massively reducing food waste.


No Waste



The Naked Truth

How do we do it?

We watched the food waste that was taking place and decided to take action. This is when Buck Naked was born. It has helped us reduce the food waste out of our Idaho facility by making a home for the onions in the Oregon plant. Where we can receive them, sort, peel, pack and ship them to end users who can greatly benefit from the labor savings and shrinkage savings from what we are able to provide to the Buck Naked plant. It is a win, win for owyhee produce and our customers.

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